Dec 20, 2004

So it looks like the storm was just a 1/2 inch of snow on Saturday. Still, bitter cold reminded me of why I miss Virginia. Not that is doesn't get cold there, but it very rarely gets into the single digits before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm just barely ready for it this year. There is some more wrapping and a teensy bit more shopping to do, and the 18 degrees that wait for me outside are making me rethink my lunchtime jaunt to Marshall Field's. But alas, today is the last shopping day I'll have before I leave for Virginia, so I guess I'll just have to wrap my head up in my scarf and run. I lost feeling in my butt this morning it was so cold.

I'm excited to see my family this week, and Hubb's, but I'm getting more and more down as Christmas day draws closer. I keep feeling that my presence isn't as important at my father's house as I'd like it to be, and considering I only see my family twice a year, that makes me incredibly sad and depressed. I'm probably just being selfish and silly. I've always had issues with jealousy, with my friends, family, and loved ones, and I can't ever seem to shake it completely. Yet another sign that I need some therapy.

Lunchtime shopping begins now. Although I am an admitted shopaholic, I get more pleasure out of buying for others than for myself. Especially when said buying includes chocolate. Truffles await.

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