Jan 5, 2005

Entire islands are just gone. Vanished. An estimated 200,000 people could be dead, every one of them somebody's child, mother, father, sister, brother, best friend, husband or wife. Millions of others are displaced, nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep, not even a pair of shoes to their name. No money, no food, no possible way to begin recovery without help from strangers.

I can't even imagine the loss the survivors are feeling...people who had barely anything to begin with have lost absolutely everything: their homes, their food, their clothes, their loved ones. I can't imagine the grief and pain being felt while standing in line, waiting for a juice box sized container of water to share with the one child out of six that didn't perish in the flood, fighting malaria, not knowing when food will be available. The survivors of this disaster need all the help they can get, and even with worldwide efforts it will never be enough.

I've done enough bleeding on this screen, though I know I could go on and I feel that I should. Help in any way you can.

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