Jan 6, 2005

I'm feeling incredibly down today. Why?

1. I'm terribly exhausted for some reason. I got up a full hour late.
2. My back hurts from shoveling stupid snow on my front porch because,
3. the people who live in my building are lazy and selfish and wait for the smallest person in the house to clear the 5 tons of snow off of the walkway.
4. I bit my cheek three days ago and it has yet to heal.
5. (deleted)
6. I think street salt may have ruined my shoes.
7. I just may be coming down with the stomach flu my entire office has had this week. My head hurts and my stomach is just a little bit off. But I might just be hungry.
8. I'm not going to Hawaii this spring anymore. Money is such a terrible thing sometimes.
9. I spent too much money at the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale. Bad emily. Bad, bad, bad.
10. I threw away a perfectly soup-worthy turkey carcass last night, and am still racked by guilt over it.

I think I just need a couple of hours to a day of reflection and self-healing. In the form of a nap.

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