Jan 10, 2005

Exciting Weekend Moments: A List

1. Shoveling out car (see below), spending the day out and getting the same parking spot after dinner, despite not having a folding chair to save it with. The parking gods were on our side.
2. Finally making the decision to sell the car. 2005 is the year to be car-free! (Which could mean 2006 may be the year to buy a condo!!)
3. Successful attempt at Cioppino, a fish stew. Definitely a staple in the recipe rotation.
4. Witnessing alley-snowboarding on the way home after drinks Friday night. Fully entertaining.
5. Polishing and protecting previously-deemed-ruined boots to a newly restored state.

Upsetting Weekend Moments: A List

1. Shoveling out the car while people flew down the street spraying me with salty black slush. I love the courteous people in my neighborhood. They're swell.
2. Car check engine light goes on. Then off.
3. Putting away Christmas. Now the apartment looks empty, un-festive and dull.
4. Anchorman. I'm sorry, but it sucked.
5. Discovering water damage in the storage closet on our back porch. Lovely.

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