Jan 11, 2005

Ok, so I should officially throw away my credit cards and erase my Discover card number from my head because I am a shopoholic and I can't stop buying crap that I don't need. Wait, I take that back...I do need it, just not in the basic survival sense, but the psychological desire sense. And oh my god how could I pass up Dirty Girl underwear? I mean come on! How freaking cute. It's only like my favorite bath and body line EVER. And they were on sale. Like half off. I totally had to have them, so shut up.

So I purchased some "Shredders" brand beef jerkey because it promised to be "Fun to Eat!" but instead feels and tastes much like bark mulch. For some strange reason I can't stop putting splinter after splinter into my mouth. The salty freeze dried protein slivers are addictive, and in handy bite size pieces to boot. Ok I seriously need to stop, or else I might throw up.

Speaking of snacks, I'm recently on a huge date kick. They're really really good. And they're loaded with potassium, protein and iron. Mmmm...dates.


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