Jan 18, 2005

Having visited my doctor four times in the past month for overdue tests, exams and shots, I have learned the following:

1. I weigh 5 pounds less in my doctor's office, fully clothed, than I do at home, buck naked. One of our scales is wrong, and I hope that it's mine.

2. My usual barely-alive blood pressure went up each visit, to an almost normal level of by visit #4. Maybe I won't be lightheaded as much if I visit my doctor more often.

3. I'm not anemic, hypoglycemic, hypothyroidic, nor do I have high cholesterol, though I may possibly be on the verge of becoming a hypochondriac.

4. When my doctor says, "You need (insert test, shot, or exam here).", she means she'll take care of it right then and there. No waiting. Which is nice.

5. Learning Spanish before my next visit might be helpful.

6. Co-pays can sure add up.

7. I may have carried some germs back from the office to my unsuspecting husband who is home sick in bed today.

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