Jan 17, 2005

Times, they are a changin'. It's getting colder (bitterly, painfully cold), I'm getting busier and more stressed at work, I'm honestly exercising and eating better, and really truly getting my financial act together. Really. Truly.

To prepare for future carlessness, Hubb and I walked to the grocery store on Saturday to help get into the habit. It was a nice walk...cold, but nice. It felt like we really earned our groceries as we hiked them back home through the 10 degree air. I've been working on staying warm without upping our gas bill any more than we already have, with fires, tea, blankets, and plenty of snuggling to help us through the cold and dark nights (and mornings). Nothing is warmer or nicer than snuggling. Except maybe snuggling in front of the fire with a blanket and a nice warm cup of tea. And the kitties. *sigh*

In an unusual change of habit, Hubb and I stayed in almost all weekend, preparing every meal we ate in our own kitchen. A normal weekend usually consists of eating lunch and snacks on the go in between outings, and dining out at least once for dinner. Eating every meal at home this weekend, I definitely notice a difference in the way I feel. Much healthier. Much happier. And more money in my wallet.

Part of the weekend in was devoted to discussing our financial future, scrutinizing and discussing our bills, and making adjustments where needed. We are in the process of fixing and selling our car, which will eliminate car payments and minimize insurance, we're scrimping where scrimping can be done, and have a new plan to move on and up in the world and eventually buy a home to call our very own. Someday we'll own a car again, but I'm actually really looking forward to being carless for a while. If only just to prove that prissy high maintenance emily can do it. I can do it, I tell you.

I just celebrated my 6 month anniversary at my new job last week, and will be having my review shortly. Things at work are moving up and on, and I see a big change in the way my department is run within the next 6 months. I'm gaining responsibility, which is good, but am being left to my own devices on projects that I might need a little help on, which is not so good. But I can work through it, and if I have to clock some overtime, so be it.

It's halfway through January and I have yet to attempt one of my resolutions of being more creative. I'm reading more cooking books and have successfully attempted a few new recipes in the kitchen, but the paintbrushes and beads and yarn have stayed dustily put. I need a gentle push to get me started, and I'm thinking this weekend's financial discussion might just be that push. There will be no more underwear shopping anytime soon (except for the Isabella annual sale in March...I'll eat less for weeks just to save for that one!) so I'll need something else to keep me occupied. Maybe I'll take up knitting again...if I can gather up enough patience for it.

Even though I'm not shopping I still have a wishlist, which I will share:

1. A cast iron dutch oven, skillet and chicken fryer. Still on the list. I can't believe I don't have these yet, as much as I love to cook.
2. A new bed, queen size please, so Hubb's long legs don't place his feet off the end. New sheets unfortunately accompany this wishlist item.
3. Now that I own the Nigella Lawson salt pig and am able to caress the curves and admire the shape daily, I have a total uncontrollable lust for the mixing bowls.
4. These boots. Still.
5. 180s earwarmers. Totally practical since I don't wear hats for fear of crushing my wave. I know...I know...I'm a priss.

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