Jan 24, 2005

I'm sick and tired, so therefore I list:

1. People are NOT meant for snow. Period. Neither are my shoes.
2. Spamalot is the best musical EVER. Everyone should flock to New York to see it when it hits Broadway. Do it.
3. I can bake! Homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, anyone? I am so incredibly proud of myself I just might burst. (patting self on back...)
4. Miss Cinnamon, sewing machine diva, has finished producing my purse which will be arriving at my doorstep shortly. I am thrilled and honored that she finished it so quickly and I can't wait to see it!
5. In two weeks I have curbed my personal spending significantly, and to celebrate went out to buy myself a few new pairs of pants for work. I'm working on being a practical and sensible shopper. I do think there is hope.
6. It has been a challenge getting used to not using the car, as it sits on our street covered in snow with the check engine light and choppy idling just waiting for the ignition to be ignited, but we're doing it. A few temper tantrums, and I'm slowly beginning to get the hang of it. Good thing this lovely snow storm came just in time.
7. After making new rules about eating dinner (no more eating in front of the tv, no more delivery), Hubb and I immediately break them by ordering thai and watching old movies Sunday. But hey, I was sick and it was a special occasion.
8. (deleted)
9. My kitty loves me. Home sick today, she has followed me around to every room I enter, and is only content when sitting on my lap or leaning up against me. She is currently my little editor cat, sitting on my lap with her paws close enough to the keyboard to type a few letters every now and then. She's keeping me warm, inside and out.
10. I pretty much just wanted to get to 10, so that's about it. Off to the kitchen for some shrimp gumbo and caramelized cornbread-making.

P.S. - I can't believe I forgot to mention my beloved life-saving Jiffy boxed mixes in my last post. They're like 50 cents and the corn muffin mix makes the most amazing cornbread when you add a little caramelized corn and some sugar on the top. Retro, cheap, and delicious.

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