Feb 22, 2005

I hate:

1. That my vacation day off work yesterday was ruined by the following:
a. Finding out that Hubb and I owe an obscene amount of money to the government this year.
b. Finding out TOO LATE that we could have had a chance to see the Kings of Convenience.
c. Rain.

2. People who won't get out of the way when I'm trying to get off the train. This includes:
a. People on the train with me who won't move an inch to let me get off at my stop.
b. People waiting to get on the train who don't get it that they can't step on until they let me step off.

3. Receiving something I've ordered, with half of the product missing.

4. Getting caught red handed turning my coworker's music down when I thought he'd stepped out of the office.

5. Indigestion from delicious foods.

6. Airline ticket prices.

I love:

1. Selling the car! Including:
a. Selling it for more than we expected.
b. Selling it faster than we expected.
c. My wonderful husband who handled it all.

2. Italian food, generally speaking. This includes, but is not limited to:
a. Carbonara.
b. Homemade tomato sauce in my lasagna.
c. Basil.
d. Wine.

3. Craigslist. For:
a. Keeping me entertained.
b. Selling our car.
c. Hopefully selling our set of dinnerware so I can buy the Classic Century dishes.

4. Nigella Lawson on sale at the Container Store.

5. The fact that my coworker keeps turning his music back up every time I leave frigging the room.

6. Taxes.

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