Feb 23, 2005

Thank you, Matt, my last minute angel from heaven, descending upon me with tickets to Kings of Convenience for a reasonable price. Ahh, Matt. You are my hero.

The show was fun, quiet, beautiful and Norwegian. I was actually able to see the entire show, finding a perfect viewing spot to the side of the stage. The songs were just as seamlessly harmonic in person as recorded, and it seemed that everyone in the club refrained from talking during the entire set in silent appreciation of the soft spoken duo. It was a lovely show, and I appreciate the power of craigslist that got me there. And Matt. Thank you, Matt.

Still smoky and raspy and a little hung over, I wish it were the weekend. I'm looking forward to a diy sushi and movie night with friends, and spending some time getting finances and dreams in order to begin the home buying adventure. This adventure will be long and drawn out and we're taking each step incredibly slowly, but we're officially standing at the bottom of the stairs and that's a big change from where we've been previously. The future, she is exciting.

This week has been full of happy little surprises, which I am grateful for. We sold the car, and will be car-loan free by the end of the week with a little extra dough in our pockets. I was able to attend a sold out show without bankrupting myself, and was just notified that my favorite annual lingerie sale is tomorrow night. And I finally found a less expensive airline ticket to Hawaii. It's a feel-good week all around. Except for that tax thing. That kind of sucks, but I'm not going to think about it right now for fear of losing my buzz.

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