Feb 4, 2005

three compliments in an hour and today is off to a good start. maybe someone will take me on a date to my favorite restaurant to celebrate my good hair day and red shoes. mojitos and lobster tails and plantains and flan and ending the week with a full tummy.

i'm wearing lipstick and earrings, and slutty stockings and i feel like the girliest of girls today.

i just realized that i haven't yet seen the lake once this winter, which is incredibly pathetically sad because i work not a quarter of a mile from it. sad sad sad. hubb reminded me again that we've been going out less this winter now that it's cold out, and i think that bothers him but i love my house and my fireplace and my cats and homemade popcorn and i don't want to go anywhere. i just want to stay home and cook and eat and watch csi and good eats and old movies on tcm. and do sit-ups and bastardized yoga on the floor of my living room while watching the food network. and stay as close to my warm down comfortered bed as possible. i'm sorry hubb.

but i am looking forward to the thaw (as well as not...because it means no more fireplace for many many months) because it means bike rides and eating outside and flip flops and grilling on the deck and walks around the neighborhood at night and late nights drinking in the moonlight with friends on the tippy top of wicker park, only a spiral staircase away from home.

there is a for sale sign on our car, and an ad for our futon in the paper (soon). i am thrilled for change and ridding ourselves of responsibility, but these in between times also leave me full of sorrow and grief. i'm saying goodbye to good memories and happy days and fun and transitional periods of my life. i'm both happily moving on and i'm grieving for the loss of my past.

hello weekend. i'm happy you're here and i'm relishing the idea of spending quality time with you. if only you came more often.

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