Feb 4, 2005

Just some notes:

1. Someone made two tiny snowmen on a ledge on the side of the MCA. I forgot to take a picture but take my word for it, they were damned cute. And they were melted by the end of the day.

2. I haven't worn pointy shoes in a while, and so today as I wear my favorite pair, my feet hurt real bad.

3. I really love my kitty cat. (p.s. - bye bye futon.)

4. The coworker who I do not have the best relationship with gave me a chef-autographed cookbook today. Which is nice.

5. I didn't know Daley resigned.

6. I really dislike noise battles. Like interrupting and talking over people. Or turning up your music to drown out your neighbor only to have them turn it up to drown you out in return. It's an endless cycle that contributes to noise pollution and extreme annoyances.

7. It's Friday night and I feel allright.

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