Mar 23, 2005

Dear 8th grade boyfriend who took my virginity and then denied it and slept with someone else after dumping me the very next day because I had a "Porky Pig stomach",

I forgive you. I am happy and I have a good life and a wonderful husband. The depression, anger and self-questioning that stemmed from that moment has made me a stronger person, equipping me to deal with a harsh, cruel world that you introduced to me. Thank you for that. I no longer blame you for my high school relationship and self-image problems. They weren't your fault, they were mine. Had I adopted your laid back attitude and your playboy lifestyle, I would have adjusted differently. I should never have burdened you with my heart, and for that I am sorry. Fortunately, the distrust I have felt towards all boys who have tried to be near me since you has nearly vanished, 12 years later. I want to thank you for hardening me with your selfish, closed-minded hateful words and actions. People like you have made me strive to be a better person, and I hope that you're happy with your high school drop out child-bride, 3 children, apartment in your mother's basement and all.

Love always,

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