Mar 24, 2005

I've been lulled into a calming routine every evening this week, and extensive crafting has ensued. Tuesday night I finished a turntable inspired cover for the Hubb, and although I am not thrilled to the bone about how it turned out, it's still kinda cute, and it works well with Hubb's personality and love for all things music.

Last night I finished this one for my mini, which is my favorite so far:

This one was the most fun to make, and I'm super excited about it. I forgot to think about the headphone base, so I may cut a notch in the right top corner. The tree is made from an amazing paisley textured felt, that I have also made another simple pocket with. I was originally planning on putting a bird in the outer branches, but I got too carried away with the leaves. I stitched together an adorable cardinal which I'm sure won't go to waste.

I am still overflowing with ideas, but since I'm still rusty with my sketching, I won't embarrass myself by posting them here. I'm thinking of making something "baby" for my step sister who is due a little baby boy in July...I don't think he'll have an ipod, but I'm sure I'll come up with something to sew.

I'm feeling listy.

1. I love felt.
2. I finally learned how to make good stir fry! The wok should be proud of me.
3. I miss being in college. Only in the no-routine-sleep-in-skip-class-hang-out-with-friends-in-the-middle-of-the-day way.
4. I wish I could have slept longer today. However, getting up, ready, and out in 50 minutes was a record for me. The hair takes a while to dry.
5. I'm ready for some warming up. My body misses flip flops and skirts.

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