Mar 25, 2005

I've been a busy busy bee this week. With the completion of my fourth (and final) cover for this week, my fingers need a rest. I plan to pick up the scissors and the thread again next week.

I made this one a little bit taller than the last few, to allow for room for the headphone cord. The interior is lined with the paisley-textured tan felt, and there is a simple flap with a black velcro closure. The cardinal is not only the state bird of Illinois, but of my beloved Virginia as well. So sentimental. I went back to the tree case, cutting a notch in the top and adding more leaves around the top edge. It's getting to where I'm in the middle of one case and am already getting bored and anxious to begin a different one. I think I may buy some larger pieces of felt and make some cute pillows for the sofa.

Days like today make me want to quit my job. Hubb has a wussy "Spring Skip Day" and gets to lounge around in his boxers all day while it's snowing and windy and I'm at work falling asleep at my desk. I had terrible trouble getting up this morning, but what else is new? My god I can't wait for tomorrow and sleeping in. Then it's crafts and shopping for patio furniture and maybe something Eastery. I haven't dyed eggs in years.

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