Mar 21, 2005

Rarely do I lust after designer handbags, but Temma Dahan is my new obsession. With adorable names like Bambina and Graciella, and adorable chicky fabric, I am head over heels in love with them. I don't have an extra $300+ just for an adorable springtime purse, but I can dream. If I win the lottery anytime soon, one of these bags is added to my shopping list:

I'm numb from this year's tax-preparation Hubb and I discovered that we owe a ton this year, we decided to enlist the help of H&R Block to try and minimize how much of our money is expected to go to The Man. The huge smelly caveman at our local Block saved us a whopping $100, and immediately charged our Master Card $119 for his 30 minutes of work. Fantastic. I discovered that I had left off my student loan interest from my 2003 taxes, which, if amended, will produce a $350 check with my name on it. Can you guess what I'm doing tonight?

Spring is approaching a bit too slowly, and it needs to hurry it's flower-blooming bird-chirping ass up. Although still wrapped tightly in my wool jacket and knitted scarf, I was all smiles this morning, much like a crazy person, with the sun on my shoulders, The Wrens in my ears, and dreams of farmer's markets and evening walks with the Hubb. Come on Spring, work your magic and get here already!

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