Jul 18, 2005

You know how when you're on vacation or you have guests and you eat out a whole bunch, ingesting tons of unhealthy and large portions of food that you wouldn't normally eat, and drink lots more beer than you would normally drink? And then it is super hard to break the habit because once you've started eating fries and tacos and two dinners a night you sort of get used to it and you keep craving it? And then you eat your "healthy" lunch at 10am at work and are starving for the rest of the day and eat anything and everything in your sight, wishing all the time that you just had an entire pizza to rub all over your face? Yeah? That's me today.

So I spent all sticky nasty hot weekend outdoors at the Intonation fest, and I must say, the festival just may have been the epitome of outdoor festivals. Except for the unemptied porta-potties. And the insufficient food vendors. And the dust. Otherwise it was fantastic. And whoever had the idea to add Depart-ment to the fest...pure genius. Shopping! Music! People watching! Sweating! I got a fabulous pair of earrings, a wonderful necklace, and a killer cute t-shirt. I love to support the indie crafters. Speaking of which: The Chicago Craft Mafia is having the Summer Shakedown this Friday. Everyone should come and buy some wonderful fabulous items. Do it.

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