Jul 28, 2005

Too much information to follow. I'm feeling personal and I don't mind sharing.

Why is it that whenever I am just starting to feel settled, happy, content and final things get all fucked up again? Hormones, weight, relationships, emotional health, energy level, my bank account...why can't these things just STAY THE SAME FOREVER? No ups and downs, no roller coasters of happiness and sorrow...just one straight line from here to eternity. Wouldn't that be swell? And seriously unrealistic? Yeah. Shopping isn't even helping. Blah.

So, I feel all kinds of high-school girlish, being all emotional and grumpy and crampy. I used to get cramps so bad in high school that I would stay home from school for days at a time curled into a ball taking serious prescription pain killers more often than prescribed. As I matured they went away, but suddenly, without notice they are back. Not as bad, but getting there...

I still love my new job, quite a bit, actually. I'm feeling terrific about my position, comfortable and settled and like I belong here. I'm planning our company picnic in two weeks, which is giving me a serious dose of organizational comfort.

I'm not really as down as I sound, so no worries, my friends. I'm just going through my quarterly frump. I'm pretty predictable. And help is on the way... in the form of new hormone help, an upcoming bachelorette party in Atlantic City with my college girlfriends, and possible a visit to my favorite restaurant for a comforting mojito and some cuban cuisine.

My ipod battery is dying. Just another kick to the broken ribs of my emotional state. Blah.

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