Aug 23, 2005

It is one of those days that never ends, when you have something to look forward to (Star Wars, yay!) and nothing to keep you busy until it begins. I am spending my time daydreaming: earrings to make, books to read, unwatched CSI episodes, imagining myself as a student at Kendall College...our visit Saturday has left me in complete awe and envy. Now I REALLY want to go to school there, I want to fondle the fryers, stroke the marble pastry countertops, poke around the walk in fridges. I want to cook in one of the teaching kitchens just once, prepare one meal on the gorgeous state of the art 8-burner ranges. I want to spend my time with hundreds of passionate chefs-to-be, learn how to make a good souffle, watch someone mold fondant. I want access to unlimited resources and ingredients, an insiders knowledge to every meal I eat out, a justified snobbiness from years of education and experience. But at over a $200k price tag, maybe I'll just keep teaching myself...learning by doing. After viewing the facilities at Kendall, I have designed my dream kitchen in my head. At least I have that.

Seriously, the spice lecture was fascinating, and if you ever get a chance to visit the Spice House or go to one of their lectures, take it! Tom and Patty are both hilarious and knowledgeable, and incredibly entertaining. They told us many things that I already knew, but much much more that I didn't. They also inspired me to completely clean out my spice and herb cabinet and spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on fresh ones.

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