Aug 2, 2005

So I've found a few fantastic sites for beads and jewelry supplies, and I've taken the plunge and placed a few orders. That, combined with a trip to Pearl, will begin a new chapter in my crafting experience. I'm thrilled to begin creating my own earrings and necklaces, and plan to make a multitude of gifts for every woman in my life. I don't think I'll even try to break into the money-making side of this new venture; Chicago has enough jewelry crafts-persons as it is. It's just that I always want what's not out there ... and I get such a good feeling out of saying "Oh, thank you. I made it myself!" I'll post my progress. I've ordered some gorgeous yellow jade, aventurine, amazonite and ambronite beads, enough earring hooks, hoops, wire and pins to last a decade, and the tools to manipulate it all. After spending what I have on supplies, I sure hope this isn't one of those fleeting interests of mine. But I'm incredibly excited, and have tons of ideas that I can't wait to execute.

This weekend I head to Atlantic City for a bachelorette party with my college girlfriends. I can't wait to have some quality girl time of drinking, playing dirty party games, teasing the bachelorette about the imagined perils of married life, and having lingerie-clad pillowfights. I miss girl time. I was kidding about the pillowfights, by the way.

I'm finally relaxing and getting used to this summer heat and humidity. I've grown accustom the thin film of sweat that consistently envelops my skin, the slow and sleepy way in which I walk to and from the bus and the train, and the sauna that my apartment has turned into. It is sort of refreshing sweating all the time. I feel cleansed and healthy. Sweat. Sweat is good.

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