Sep 6, 2005

685 miles of driving + fried cheese curds + Lakefront brewery tour + meeting up with friends across state lines even though they live blocks away from us + Motel 6 + the coolest t-shirt ever + wine and cheese + the hardest bar to find in Milwaukee = a damned good Labor Day get away.

Hubb and I dubbed our trip "Come on, get out of Illinoise". It was spectacular. I'm not generally strong on spontaneity, but this weekend I enjoyed every wonderful minute of it. We drove all the way up Sheridan Road from Chicago to Milwaukee, watching the scenery change from downtown to upscale suburb to tiny hole in the wall town to hip neighborhood to downtown again. It was an incredibly interesting social experience, watching one road change so drastically up the lakeshore. We definitely got our unlimited miles out of the rental car. Money incredibly well spent.

Once back we attended not one, but TWO! Labor Day weekend bbqs, ate a lot, drank a lot, and relaxed and enjoyed the fact that we had Monday off work. Now it is back to the ratrace, with quite possibly the busiest week I've had in a very very long time. (not obvious by the fact that I'm posting today...)

And today, as I wear my totally awesome souvenir from my trip (a pale green t-shirt with dollar signs screened on the inside, so they ever-so-subtly show through), I get a bonus! My first ever bonus! It's been a great month so far.

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