Sep 27, 2005

Fashion, crafts, dancing and drinks sums up my weekend. Fabulous independent designer duds on Friday, a huge impressive representation of the Chicago (and more) craft scene on Saturday (before the rain), Cut Copy, Hot Chip, Fourtet, $2 PBRs and lots and lots of fun. Oh, and completely wiping out on the uneven sidewalk on Damen Avenue. Yep, I walked away with terribly bruised knees and bruised ego. I hadn't even had a drink yet.

Hot Chip is awesome and is pretty much my new favorite band. So much energy! Wee-ooo-wee-ooo keyboards, handclaps, harmonizing, drum machines and members that look like my friends and family (seriously, the drum machine guy looks sort of like my father in law.) Perfect.

So, it has been a stressful couple of weeks in my household, and the weekend was a perfect way to unwind and forget about life for a while. I'm looking forward to the unknown being known again . . . I hate being in limbo. And I love being vague.

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