Oct 3, 2005

10 Things

1. Francesca's Forno is amazing. Simple, delicious, fun, beautiful and amazing. If you haven't been yet, go now. The risotto is divine.

2. Puppets are incredibly cool. Puppeteers on Milwaukee Avenue on a Friday night, even more so. I wish more street performers included puppets. It is a quickly disappearing art.

3. Weird coincidence: Last weekend I tripped on Damen Avenue's inconsistent east sidewalk. While walking home from dinner Friday, I noted to Hubb"Hey, this is where I fell last weekend," at exactly the same moment that another unsuspecting (and perfectly sober) girl took a spill on the same piece of pavement. We were all a little shocked at the bizarre coincidence of it all. I told her the bruised would heal in about a week.

4. Allergies and sniffly sinus crap has got to go.

5. In the days before we know where our future lies for sure (can't talk about it now, maybe tomorrow. And no, I'm not pregnant.) I cook for some relaxation and comfort. Tapioca pudding, cornbread, pumpkin butternut squash soup, and the stuffing and apricot bourbon barbecue sauce for my southern stuffed chicken. I cut up so much pumpkin and squash that I gave myself a blister. It was worth it, though. And I hope my dinner guests tonight will agree.

6. La Creperie is delicious. It inspires me to make more thick flavorful sauces. And learn to speak French again. And wear little berets, full skirts, and striped sweaters.

7. I thought summer was over? WTF?

8. After more than a year, I am still in love with this simple graphic jewelry. (hint hint)

9. Spring vacation: Southwest USA, Spain, Australia, or....?

10. My new centerpiece for my dining room table:

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