Sep 30, 2005

Aardvarks are freaky

Like Star Wars suck your brain freaky. Just look at those fingers. They have fingers!

So...I hear that Chicago may be smoke free come Spring. I have four words to say about that: IT'S ABOUT F@$%ING TIME! Breathing! It's going to be fun again!

I just peeled and segmented three oranges and my hands smell heavenly. And it's Friday. And we have a busy busy wonderfully fun weekend planned. VIP party tonight. At least two different dinner dates, one of which I get to host which means using my china! And I got a new cute tee shirt last night. With a little bird on it. And I fit into my old favorite jeans today a little better than I did two weeks ago. And my bruised knees are rapidly healing. And I get to see my entire family next weekend: my dad, step-mom, brother, grandmother, great aunt, aunt (x2), uncle (x2), step-sister, step-brother-in-law, pregnant cousin (x2), cousin-in-law (x2), and second cousin (x2). Then I get to see my mom. Hurrah! Celebration and parties and fun and family. All is well in the land of emily.

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