Nov 11, 2005


i have had a twitch on the lower lid of my right eye for three days. i haven't quite figured out what induces these things, these nervous stressed out ticks of mine, but there it is. it will probably go away sometime in january.

i've been a slacker, and, i admit, quite boring. nothing new. nothing of note. nothing fun. not exactly true, but i'm sticking with that excuse for not posting anything in some time. i have photos on my camera that deperately want to be transferred somewhere else...i just don't have the energy. i am at the computer all day long at work. the last thing i want to do when i get home is to-dos that make me sit at the desk. yep, pretty boring.

i'm excited at the upcoming winter months. i've pulled out the scarves and the knee high socks and stockings and even the boots. i'm totally ready except for the fact that i need a new cute coat. which will have to wait due to a suprise financial dilemma. but no worries.

my inlaws are coming tonight and i'm cooking them dinner. and we plan to drive to a cheese factory in wisconsin. and see the robey house. and visit a blues club. and hopefully relax a little bit this weekend. should be nice.

i got a new little moleskine datebook for 2006, and i've just finished transferring all of the birthdays, holidays and anniversaries that are meaningful to me. i love doing this silly little task because it makes me reflect on how lucky i am to have so many wonderful friends and family. and i love sending cards. it gives me reason to buy tons of stationary.

enough nonsense for now. maybe i'll post something of substance before another month goes by. maybe.

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