Nov 16, 2005

So you know how every once in a while it seems like your attention it constantly drawn to something you've never really paid much attention to, like a certain type of food, a color, a word you never use but suddenly hear everywhere? Like there is a sudden surge of this thing, your mind catches every single instance of it, you feel like it is following you everywhere?
  • Instance 1: when I learned that I didn't really like riesling, and suddenly everybody is giving it to us and bringing it to dinner parties and serving it to me everywhere I go. So I politely drink it, and in the end, wind up appreciating it a little bit more than when I decided I didn't like it at all.
  • Instance 2: how in the past couple of weeks I can't escape the reference of "Small Wonder", that mid-80's sitcom about a robotic girl. She's everywhere! Referenced in bars, at parties, on television shows, myspace friend requests...I can't get away from the sudden and slightly disturbing Small Wonder resurfacing.
Random warm spot: I just realized that when my step-mother said "I love you" as I was leaving to come back to Chicago after her mother's funeral, it was the first time she had ever said it out loud to me. I am touched as I think about that.

Hubb and I spent the weekend with his parents, visiting the Farnsworth house, taking a Chicago Gangster bus tour, and eating out a lot. I also got to cook two wonderfully delicious meals (if I do say so myself) for them, which was an absolute pleasure. I love to cook to impress, especially when it is for the parents. In the process I came up with a recipe for cornbread stuffing that I plan to include in the Thanksgiving menu. Delish.

This week is cold, and slow, and unplanned...I ordered beads to make more necklaces for Christmas, and I have some pants I need to hem. I'd like to have the first fire of the season tonight, but Hubb won't be home until late, so I would end up getting drunk on hot brandy cider in front of the fire all by myself. Which wouldn't be entirely that bad, but not something I want to get in the habit of doing on a regular basis. It is a blessing that this week is so lame, I think I need some r&r in preparation for a week of my mom and my brother visiting for the holiday.

It is snowing and my nose is cold.

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