Dec 2, 2005

I'm on a path of destruction with my wardrobe right now...a grease stain on my favorite peacock blue deep v tee shirt, a pull in my brand new purple sweater, unattractive stretchiness in my favorite cardigan, a hole forming in my favorite jeans, pilling on my favorite black sweater. It makes me sad to see clothes go, especially when I'm not particularly in the mood to go shopping to replace them.

I made the most wonderful pair of earrings last night, all dangly and sparkly and wonderful opalescent glass bead beautiful. I will photograph them and post them soon. Along with some of my other pieces, I swear! Or maybe I'll just have Hubb do it with his brand new birthday camera.

I've about half of my Christmas shopping finished, and the rest of it selected and planned. I'm sending many people Frango mints, to celebrate the last Christmas of Marshall Field's. The limited edition peppermint bark mints are heavenly. This year is going to be rustic and understated and warm fuzziness, both in the gifts I am giving and the packaging I am giving them in. Brown paper and ribbon and twine. And simple graphic holiday cards. Lovely.

So today is Hubb's birthday; Happy Birthday, Hubb! We shall celebrate with margarits and guac.

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