Dec 21, 2005

Today is the first day of winter. As if it hasn't been winter for the last month. cold. bitter. chapped. I finally got some great non-sausagey long johns, just in time for it to warm up above freezing. They come up to my armpits for super cold days, and can easily and comfortable fold down below the waist of my low rise jeans. Comfy and soft and warm. Take that, winter!

Today was also pretty much the best day ever. Bonuses at work...really wonderful bonuses at work, a bottle of wine, a sushi company loves me. That makes me happy. I'm also putting together a Muji order for my Japanese coworker to fulfill during his holiday trip home next week. Japanese Ikea. Love it.

I want this purse.

And this belt.

And a small side table. And some silverware. And a lamp. And tons of other things I won't subject him to bring home to me. But the purse and the belt I must have. Happy bonus!

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