Jan 3, 2006

In 2005 I vowed to:

1. Get in shape.
2. Be less judgmental and less critical.
3. Spend more money paying off loans and less on new crap.
4. Be more crafty.
5. Be less controlling of my kitchen domain, and let Hubb do some cooking.

In 2005 I actually:

1. Gained 10 pounds.
2. Got in trouble with my judgmental and critical self, hurt some feelings, and made a total ass of myself.
3. Bought lots and lots of new crap, and paid the loans down just a little bit. Saved nothing.
4. Started making jewelry!
5. Let Hubb cook maybe one meal. When I wasn't home.

In 2006 I vow to:

1. Can you guess it? Lose 10 pounds.
2. Drop the snotty attitude and just plain enjoy people. I was pleasantly surprised by a turnaround in my opinions on one or two people last year, and I find that I enjoy people a lot more when I'm not trying to find faults in them.
3. Buy fewer things, but nicer things. Bargains are great, but they usually fall apart quickly. I also vow to make more of an effort to choose independent and local over chain and mass produced. And take more pictures. And post them. Ok, we're getting carried away here...
4. Make more jewelry and sell some of it. Depart-ment is calling my name.
5. Learn how to cook something fancy. Something with duck. And invite friends over to eat it.

Apparently I tend to repeat myself every year, so I'm obviously pretty bad with this whole New Year's Resolution thing.

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