Jan 18, 2006

random nothingness:

- so my wonderful brother in law gave me a cooking.com gift certificate for christmas. perfect. so i got a new calphalon omelette pan and nigella lawson measuring spoons. the pan is fabulous and amazing, and the measuring spoons are just about the most precious things i have ever seen in my life. i want to carry them with me wherever i go and eat with them and measure out everything i put in my mouth. this picture does them no justice. you have to feel the weight and the comfort and the cuteness in your hand for yourself.

- i have a pimple in a dimple on my cheek. and i can't stop saying that in my head.

- i'm getting matching red fiesta ware pie plates. this excites me to no end. now my quiche and my apple pie can wear the same cooking dish.

- i need a drink tonight. 35 minutes and counting....

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