Jan 16, 2006

Best. Weekend. Ever. I mean it. I got better (yay), and....

1. warm cuddly date with the hubb, watching March of the Penguins, eating popcorn, drinking streuss, sleeping in.

2. dinner and a party, fun times, getting to know people better, wearing pants that didn't fit quite right two weeks ago. and...jello shot birthday cake. best idea, really.

3. shopping! overhearing this comment, which for some reason made me smile for about 45 minutes: "I've come to the conclusion that I really like Starbucks. I know that's a terrible thing to say, but it's true; I love it." seeing a grammatical error on a billboard for a hospital "its", not "it's". signing a petition to treat elephants better in illinois. compliments on nearly every part of my ensemble, making me want to wear that outfit every single day. odwalla for lunch, ginger chews to ease my belly, and.....

i am beautiful at state and washington.


jeans story: i entered a little boutique to see what their sale was like. i tried on $160 jeans marked down 1/2 price. they fit dreamily, make my ass look amazing, elongated my legs. but...they were about two feet too long. i decided that i shouldn'd have to hem $160 jeans, and tearfully put them back. onwward. stopped by another store, tried on $110 jeans with a terrible shredded hem that were marked down to $30. they fit dreamily, were funky but not too funky that i couldn't wear them, were too long, but the hem was terrible so i wouldn't mind hemming them. i bought them. and to my surprise, they rang up for $20. so perfect. i hemmed them and dremmeled them and have been wearing them ever since.

4. dinner and monopoly with friends. the best chicken pot pie that i have ever eaten. ever. and i owned all of the railroads. it was a golden evening.

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