Feb 1, 2006

I miss my camera. I'm suddenly awash in longing, sadness, dispair even. Well maybe not despair, but something close to it when I see that perfect shot, have the energy to tackle photographing my jewelry that I've been putting off for so long, or want to capture a moment and I don't have a camera in sight. It's so sad. I feel like I'm letting all sorts of wonderful things slip away.

As long as I have it back in time for our California Adventure planned for two months from now, I'll be fine.

The California Adventure. Here's the plan: Fly to LA, stay with my aunt and uncle for a few days, explore LA, get sick of LA, leave LA and drive up the coast at a leisurely pace (2 days) to San Francisco. See wonderful things, breathe fresh air, fear falling over the cliffs. Enjoy San Francisco, Napa, the bay. Eat lots of seafood, ride a cable car. Celebrate our three year wedding anniversary. Stay at an artsy hotel. Come back to Chicago. I absolutely can't wait. I've already made the excel spreadsheet of our time, researched hundreds of flight options, car options, hotel options, received the tourist packets, read articles, websites, recommendations. And I still have a ton of planning to do. I love vacations.

I am sort of grumpy this week, but I can't exactly pinpoint why. Maybe it's the bills, the impending afternoon doing taxes, the wet cold outside. The teeth grinding I can't stop myself from doing. I'm restless.

And hungry for lunch. Leftover crab stuffed flounder del ray from Cafe Laguardia. My absolute favorite thing to eat. Ever.

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