Feb 7, 2006

I've been busy.

I wrote an article. I got sick. I danced a bit. I cooked some. I paid a flurry of bills. I watched the SuperBowl. I bought a vegetarian cookbook for my little brother. I also bought some shoes.
Comfortable wonderful adorable shoes.

I've also been amazed. At life, at the continuing cycle of mine. The length of my hair, the style of my dress, the size of my pants....they vary, but like clockwork. Every season seems to repeat itself. I need a jolt to break free. It is boring, yet I am amazed at how precisely I follow the same path over and over. I've been thinking about that alot lately.

I've also decided to finally get healthy. Not that I am currently considerably UNhealthy, but I have habits and I follow routines that may not be the best for my body. I'm starting today by increasing my liquid intake, at least 64 ounces of water a day. At least. And less carbs. More veggies. Less dairy. More fiber. Less laziness. More walking. Less alcohol... in baby steps. I do enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings. And how.

Tonight: a drink date with my girlfriend.

This weekend: Off to Atlanta to be with my very best girlfriend in the whole world. The only girl I will kiss on the mouth. The only girl I will walk around in my underwear in front of. The only girl I have no trouble falling asleep next to. The only girl I would drop everything for. The only girl who has ever loved every thing about me, every time it has changed, during every cycle, every time.

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