Feb 17, 2006

Random Friday things, in no particular order:

1. I've been dreaming quite a bit recently about getting a raise / getting a bonus / winning money / finding money. I dont' know where this stems from, but I'm sure it means that my finely tuned foresight is telling me that my net worth will increase shortly. I should probably trust in this and go shopping soon.

2. I've recently discovered Widgets and I love them. Yes, I am a bit late for the technology train, but I do have a ticket. Really.

3. I'm feeling in a rut with my wardrobe right now, and I really want to initiate a total style makeover. Maybe if I start dressing really really poorly someone will recommend me to What Not To Wear and I'll get some new hip clothes. Like these:
Although I realize that with the exception of the skirt and the cute tweed jacket, I sort of dress like this now. Maybe just not as sleek and sophisticated, though. Sigh.

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