Feb 21, 2006

8 things.

1. I used to sweat girl time, and now I'm getting more than I ever have before. Yay for that! And yay for girls who like to eat and understand my shopping style (and even better...my sale rack addiction.)

2. Sew Betsy Ross. Yay for patterns of adorable easily customized skirts and cute shirts that I can make out of a $4 satin sale skirt.

3. De Martino. My new favorite wine: the organic cabernet.

4. I honestly nearly cried during last week's Project Runway. I'm so thrilled my boy Daniel made it to the final 3. I am such a nerd.

5. It is review time at work and I'm worried more about the people I'm reviewing than about my own review. Which is good, I guess.

6. Making something "your bitch" is a phrase that isn't nearly used widely enough these days. That complicated chicken recipe...I will make it my bitch. Taxes....they will totally be my bitch. That bottle of wine I've been meaning to open....my bitch all the way.

7. My butt is sore from walking and stretching and the bastardized yoga thing I do every once in a while, but I got a wonderful 30 minute massage yesterday at work (yes...at work!) that totally made my day. My office can really rule sometimes.

8. Am I or am I not a cowboy boot girl? I have yet to decide. I nearly bought a pair last weekend, changed my mind, and have been thinking about them ever since. Yay or nay? Poll?

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