Feb 8, 2006

So. Last night I got together with a girlfriend for wine and caprese salad and clam chowder and shopping and it was so much fun I almost kissed her on the mouth when we said goodbye. And I didn't even buy anything, which is a very different behavior for me. And then I went home and fell into a serious headachey/crampy/sleepy coma and watched half of The Grizzly Man which freaked me out/fascinated me/disturbed me so much that I can't wait to watch the rest of it tonight after a nice raw meaty dinner. That man...is totally bizarre. And the narrator's name is Werner Herzog and he has this fantastic accent that I want to listen to/want to turn off at the same time. Maybe it's the grizzly bears, but I'm all about the slash slash today.

I've been drinking lots of liquids, like a good healthy girl, and my little water jug is leaking every time I take a sip. I hate that.

It is snowing in swirls outside, a snowglobe of a city, and I forgot a hat.

I've had this sinus/cold thing for a couple of days, and though I'm feeling much better during the day, at night I get much much worse. I don't understand the deal with that, as I'm not taking any medication to ease my symptoms that could be wearing off, so I'll go ahead and attribute it to the need for a nightcap. Blackberry brandy worked like a charm last night, knocked me the hell out, so hard that I could barely wake up today. I fell back asleep sitting upright at the foot of the bed watching Fox news.

Why does time move so much slower as the day goes on? Seriously, is it 6:00 yet?

Everyone should subscribe to Wholphin. My god McSweeney's is genious. I promise you will not be disappointed. Pure pleasure, I tell you.

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