Mar 29, 2006

So, I got 9 full hours of sleep last night, and let me tell you, it feels amazing. I woke up this morning with a spring in my step, a smile on my face, no puffy eyes, no falling asleep in the shower or on the bus. I have to try this more often. It's after 2:00 and I'm not passing out at my desk! The magic of sleep, it's something else.

So, taxes are done, old retirement accounts are being cashed out, and (drum roll, please...) we are prequalified to buy a home. Yes, we finally met with a mortgage man, and he liked us and our credit scores enough to qualify us for the loan we wanted, and then some. So we're on the hunt, at the cusp of what promises to be a long and arduous journy, given Hubb's and my high demands for where we hang our hat. But it is all kinds of exciting, the prospect of a new space (a larger space), a new neighborhood, a new kitchen to get used to. On one hand I am terrified, and I want to find The Perfect Place, but on the other hand, I just want to get moving and build some equity. Either way, we're moving forward and growing up.

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