Apr 4, 2006

hubb and i came within inches of putting a bid on a place over the weekend, and i can't stop thinking about it. we made the right decision by letting it pass, but it was perfect in so many ways! space galore, open-ness, new kitchen-ness, 1-1/2 bath-ness, but location wasn't a strong point, and neither was storage, nor an attractive exterior. but an entire floor to ourselves! windows on every wall! walk up coach house! a customized layout! so last night i sketched out a layout of our "perfect" space, and it just happened to be almost identical to the place we're letting go. damn.

the emotional roller coaster of falling in love with space and going back and forth between being the convincer and the convincee is incredibly exhausting. good thing i had an emotional breakdown last week on an unrelated topic, or i would have been crying all day yesterday. a girl needs to get it all out every once in a while. i'm spent on tears now, and am back down to about 2 on a scale of 1-10. that's 8 whole notches i can take in house-hunting stress until the next blow-out.

so instead of buying a house, i bought some new clothes. two pairs of jeans, a cute green cardigan, adorable lacy shirts for summer. undies. and a rust colored linen dress which i hope to wear on the west coast during my vacation. maybe during wine tastings.

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