Mar 9, 2006

worst. morning. ever.

1. the button on my new ben sherman blazer popped off as i put it on this morning. i've been waiting to wear it all week and it broke. i was running late so i didn't have the time to quickly sew it back on, so instead i went blazerless into the humid morning air and on to the office. i feel naked.

2. i forgot my watch so i couldn't even tell exactly how late i was running as i shuffled onto and off of busses and up the elevator in my building.

3. no thanks to anyone else around, i sat in a sopping wet bus seat on the 55. the woman in the next seat didn't even bat an eye as i jumped up in surprise clutching my soggy bottom. which reminded me of the time in the 3rd grade when i was walking to school and slid down a slippery wet grassy hill in my cordouroys. i got to class and then went to the nurse's office where i called my mom for a new set of pants. she brought them, and as i was putting them on behind the curtain, the nurse said to the secretary, "i can't believe that mother didn't bring her daughter a clean pair of underwear!". they thought i'd wet myself. i was mortified, and am still embarassed for both me and my mother to this day at the fact that the nurse thought my mom let me sit in pee-soaked panties all day at school.

4. i forgot to bring my lunch.

so anyway, i'm hoping that my tazo calm tea and some window shopping online (if i have a few minutes to spare at work today) will make the day better. i've decided that once i hit my goal weight (or get really really close) i will reward myself. with what? i'm not sure yet. maybe new shoes. or custom jeans. or a really flirty new dress. when i find it i'll know.

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