Mar 7, 2006

more untogetherness today. i swear i broke some necessary piece of myself that keeps me from falling completely apart.

two days in a row i had a surreal floating sensation as i sat at my desk typing. it was the strangest thing, and both times the same person came by and said my name which brought me back down again. i don't know exactly how to interpret that.

so. my sister is pregnant and one of my cousins is getting induced this friday. the other cousin could give birth at any moment. this makes me giggle with anticipation of lots of little delicious smelling babies to hold and cuddle come next christimastime. and lots of ironic little baby tee shirts and onesies for me to buy for them.

hubb is home sick today, which means i will get it soon, too. it is just a matter of time before the coughing and hacking begin.

i made wonton soup last night (from scratch!) and it was really really good. it didn't make hubb feel much better, but it's been making me smile on the inside all day that i have finally learned how to harness a few asian dishes.

i wish it were 7pm friday right now.

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