Apr 7, 2006

bad morning. my shoe broke. i twisted my ankle. i've been hungry for lunch since 9:30. i am grumpy. it is drizzly. my hair is frizzy. i want to go home, do laundry, start packing. hope my new jeans shrink a little bit more in the wash. i want to eat a cheeseburger. and fries. comfort food.

i'm craving change, new wardrobe, new house, puppy....something. i hate being still. i need something new, but i'm not sure what it is yet. the same 'ol is killing me.

i'm also contemplating things, thinking about the future, the past, the present. i'm being vague, i know. i don't know what i'm doing.

i want it to be june and sunny and flip floppy and all skirt-wearing and sunglasses on the roof. i want it to be summer. i'm tired of this transition weather. i also want to be wearing less clothes, no more layers on layers, no more chilly fingers on my keyboard. no more drinking too much tea just to keep warm. i'm ready for a sunburn. 4th of july. fireworks.

i need some fireworks.

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