May 2, 2006

5 things that i want right now:

1. nigella lawson piglets. oh my god how cute are these guys? and perfect for my dining room or kitchen table! i have the full size salt pig, which i adore, but these belong in my kitchen. period.
2. i'm not usually into overly whimsical designs, but these oil and vinegar cruets made me laugh and i'd love to put them on the table at a dinner party. the "foot" of the wine glass is actually a stopper for the cruets. adorable.
3. yes, this is a mah jongg tile, in all its beauty. i love the simplicity and modern look given to this ancient complex game piece. Blend Creations has many other lovely designs that i wouln't be upset if someone gave me, you should check them out.
4. the "thinking of you" vase cover by tord boontje called "forever". it is really hard to get the idea across in a photo here, but you can use your imagination to visualize the intricate details stamped out of the thin metal, which is then shaped to surround a tealight or small vase. i am intrigued to see the shapes that dance on the wall when a candle is inside.
5. this duck mirror by david dear. i have always had a thing for ducks (i've been nicknamed emyduck since i was a baby), and i adore this mirror's elegance mixed with the now-popular realist touch of the natural duck feet. perfect for my makeup table, don't you think?

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