May 21, 2006

so this weekend has been great. i found a pair of adorable $7 shoes. and i made two pairs of bermuda shorts from pants i didn't wear anymore. and a wonderful man told me i was gorgeous. (he was gay, but that's ok. even better, really.) and i went to a polish sausage shop in my future neighborhood. and a pet store where i fell in love with at least 5 puppies. and people liked my blue cheese biscuits. fabulous, and still going strong.

so here i am, having finished 5 loads of laundry and hemmed my new linen pants. i have a zucchini lasagne cooling on the stove, am having a glass of wine, and am waiting for a good friend (who i haven't seen for over 3 years) to call me so i can meet her and her husband for drinks and dinner. i love catching up.

by far, this has been one of the most relaxing and fulfilling weekends i've had in a very long time. so i'm feeling good, and i wanted to share. happy sunday, folks.

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