May 30, 2006

so what's the deal with the hot and the sticky? i hate it.

i went to st. louis for a bridal shower this weekend and nearly died i had so much fun. it was hot there, too. we showered it up, drank lots of drinks, ate lots of eats, and giggled and stayed up late talking about girlie things and eating pizza and breadsticks. then we shopped and came home. and i still had a whole day left of my three day weekend to sit around my sticky hot apartment and curse the sun. we did leave the house not once, but twice to run some errands and find some clothes to spend our money on. all in all, a pretty productive weekend.

hubb and i also took a few hours to discuss color schemes and furniture choices for our new house, as we are going to pick out our finishes on thursday. color is such a difficult thing to decide on, especially for me. i tend to lean towards the safe, neutral colors, resulting in an terribly visually boring palate. i'm trying to change that, with visions of a lime green bathroom and a robin's egg blue bedroom, but now i'm afraid that i'm straying too far away from my safe neutrals, which will prevent me from ever feeling at home in my new space. i hate decision making.

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