Jul 14, 2006

so i'm wearing a dress today (yes, a dress!) which is not my normal attire at work, or anywhere that is not a special catered event. it is poufy and a little hippyish, and makes my lovehandles look like a monster truck tire around my waist, but it's cute. and i feel girly. i may do this more often.

i got a haircut yesterday, and my wonderful stylist and i decided that next time we're going short. one of the other stylists at the salon (who was a girl) had this adorable haircut, wavy like mine, brown like mine, but short in the back and sort of bangy in the front. hard to communicate in words, but i'll post a photo of myself when i have her haircut in 3-4 months. my stylist is so wonderful because he loves my hair and asked me to make sure we have double time for my short haircut so he can make sure i'm really ready and that i totally 100% love it when i leave. he is so wonderful i hope he never leaves chicago or I WILL DIE. i had nearly 3 years of terrible unflattering haircuts after moving here from virginia, and i've finally found someone who understands my locks and makes me pretty every time i see him. he is my hero.

tonight i'm babysitting for my friend's sister who is in town for the weekend. the two couples want an evening out, so i offered to watch the 1 year old baby boy for the evening. so hubb and i have an exciting evening of watching tv, drinking wine, and constantly checking on a sleeping child that is not ours. should be fun.

if you're shopping for my birthday early this year, i really really really want this for my new bed. it is on sale and it is only $300. you should totally get it for me. thank you.

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