Jul 10, 2006

i had a very very productive weekend, which was nice. first, i ate dinner at cafe lula. and i nearly cried while drinking the most delicious beverage ever, their one of a kind rhubarb gimlet. oh. oh my. it is the most amazingly wonderful drink i have ever consumed. i must run there and have one right now. i wanted to pull a poor dinner etiquette move and pour some into my pockets to enjoy at home at a later date and time, it was that good. we also ate some food, which was equally beautiful and delicious.

the next day hubb and i went with some of our work folks and bagged one and a half tons of dry pasta for people less fortunate than ourselves at the chicago food depository. it was quite fun, and i really love how hairnets and plastic gloves can be so incredibly unflattering.

then we rode the train for almost an hour while i entertained myself with a normal homemade gimlet and some baked kettle chips. have you had those things? they are amazing. and hubb and i spent about 30 minutes coming up with new kettle chip flavors, none of which we could remember afterwards. except for chicago style hot dog. (they are crunchy and light, but they taste like chicago's signature food!) then we partied. and hubb played volleyball. and i watched because i am not so into physical things like sports. walking on the beach was enough for me, thank you.

then the next day we went to our new neighborhood (10 and a half weeks to go until closing, yay!), and we ran into the builder who is rehabbing our building and we got him to let us walk around our unfinished unit. even though it is concrete and raw brick and unfriendly wooden frame, it felt real. and i want to move right now and let them finish it around me. so what if there is no shower yet? we also ate the very best burrito at the second closest eatery to our new house. needless to say, i am thrilled at that discovery. i can't wait until the fall when i can have delicious burritos and rhubarb gimlets every single damned day. i may become quite large once we move.

so the weekend felt 6 days long and i rode my bike to work today and i feel like it is thursday. which would be great because i have a haircut appointment. i'm way overdue and i'm having trouble resisting the temptation to shave my head when i'm trying to sleep and it is 97 degrees in our bedroom and my hair is creating a thick warm blanket around my head. plus, i'm getting bored. i sort of want bangs.

and a rhubarb gimlet. right now.

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