Oct 27, 2006

holiday linky.

1. a holiday ornament swap! how much more fun could you have? it will be like receiving 8-10 little suprise gifts. i am so totally thrilled, i can't even put it into words. i'll post a photo of the ornaments i make...i'm thinking a nature theme and felt.... sign up now, the deadline is November 01.

2. i don't want to buy any more dishes, and i'm not very happy with west elm right now*, but i love Love LOVE these branch dessert plates from west elm. and the cute silver garland on the table next to them? a little tord boontje. a little retro. a lot of need to be in my house this holiday.

*we purchased a floating wall shelf recently to act as a fireplace mantle, and in the process of installing the nonsensical thing, three large holes were made in my wall. the shelf came with three huge metal anchors and screws that couldn't seem to keep the shelf secure and level, and even if we had secured it to the wall successfully, i would have fretted every day about the stability of it all. the shelf is on its way back to west elm, (along with a set of three "organically shaped" shelves that are nothing of the sort) and i will not be purchasing anything else from them that requires wall mounting.

3. i don't mean to keep referencing w.e., but i am inspired by this pillow, and the numerous references to needlepoint and cross stitch that i continue to run across. i used to do quite a bit of cross stitch as a youth, and i think i might take it back up by fashioning some sort of trendy patterned pillow for our living room to go along with this fabric i purchased for sofa pillow covers. if all turns out well, i might attempt some holiday gifts.

4. i'm already putting together my thanksgiving menu, which will include a roasted butternut squash and pumpkin soup served in a roasted pumpkin, inspired by this recipe. i also plan to make the port vinaigrette from the same show. yum. now i just need some port.

5. i'm sort of slow with my holiday shopping this year, as usually by this time i've already finished half of it. so far i have one item, a small trinkety thing for my step-mom. i need to get on the ball and come up with something creative and versatile and inexpensive (because we're responsible and have a mortgage now) that i can give to everyone. easy. ideas?

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