Oct 26, 2006

first of all, i don't have a tumor. my headache went away, then it came back, and now it's hiding behind my eyeballs somewhere, but my brain is healthy according to my doc. i have a healthy normal brain. that's a relief.

hubb and i ran around the city on marathon sunday to catch alex at various mile markers, at 10, 16 and 25.2. he finished in an awe-inspiring time of 3:09:44, just seconds before the cutoff to qualify for the boston marathon in the spring. watching our friend, and over 35,000 other runners was absolutely breathtaking and brought me to tears more than once. if i only had such strength, courage, and stamina. congratulations, alex. i am so incredibly proud of you.

now i will change tunes and talk about selfish materialistic bullshit.

holiday season is upon us and i need outfits for parties. i have at least 4 occasions planned that call for something cute, and i can probably recycle one outfit for two of them. i need a cute top to wear with a pleated semi-poufy cotton skirt, and two dresses. i really like these:

sensible chic black jersey with a flattering V and a fun empire tie waste. festive red, maybe too deep in the chest, maybe a little unflattering in the tummy? pretty pretty green. i can't decide.
i'm having trouble living in our unfinished apartment and i'm finding myself searching comfort in shopping, which is not so good considering we just paid a fortune with 3-day blinds to furnish our windows. on the up-side, i now have lots of jeans that fit me. and plenty of shoes for these holiday parties.

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