Nov 7, 2006


1. money. we were good loan-payers this year, so our credit union lets us skip a wedding loan payment. woo! one less check to write this month, and more money for presents.

2. ...presents for me: i've decided to finally splurge on a le creuset dutch oven. i might need a while to get over the excitement of this. i'm shaking.

3. i've also decided to learn to make more sweets. i saw this recipe and decided i must make them. if you come to any of my parties, please be advised that these will be there for all of them. as long as i don't eat them all myself.

4. i just received feast in the mail and it makes me want to stay home in bed until i'm done reading it. lovely, witty, britty, and beautiful. inspiring, too.

5. tonight i shall start sewing soft little chenille teddy bears together for my little niece, nephew, and cousins' christmas gifts. we have a one year old and three new little babies in the family this holiday, and i'm feeling amazingly wonderful and giddy about the whole thing. it means so much to me to give gifts made by hand, especially by my own.

6. similarly, i have finished 8 of my 12 christmas ornaments for the swap. i decided on adorable stuffed felt pears. i'll take some photos tonight. i might keep making them, and maybe some apples, too, to try my hand at selling rather than spending at etsy.

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