Nov 3, 2006

i got a rather large gift certificate to barnes and noble for my birthday, and for the past week i've been struggling with which books to buy. i have a list of "must reads" from like two years ago, but now i'm not so sure about some of my choices, and i honestly haven't been keeping up on what's new and what everyone is reading. i need to freshen my list before i can go shopping, and i need your recommendations.

i am definitely going to buy i like you by amy sedaris, and one or two jose saramago books because i love his writing. and i might get the 75th anniversary joy of cooking becuase i've never owned it and i feel like i should. other than that i'm a little lost. i've historically liked the-books-that-everyone-on-the-train-is-reading, but i'm not so sure that's what i'm looking for now. just good reads, or can't-live-without resources.

anyone? anyone?

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